14 Ways Fifty Shades of Grey is Like Disney Land

Fifty Shades Disney

The Fifty Shades of Grey movie trailer came out yesterday giving fans a little taste of the leather-clad, satin-wrapped, steamy, sexy goodness to which they will be treated this Valentine’s Day. Within minutes of being released, the video was all over the internet. This film might be the biggest thing to hit the mommy market [Read more...]

My Kids Can Whine in Three Languages

Whine Three Languages

Today I’m lucky enough to have the highly lingual (she can speak five languages, people!) Olga from The European Mamma as my guest poster. Not only is she raising three children living away from her home country, she is also raising them to be trilingual. Can you imagine? I have a hard enough time understanding [Read more...]

10 Ways You Never Thought To Use A Tampon

Ways To Use Tampon

Tampons might be the greatest invention of the 20th century: screw television, cars, the internet and iPhones. The ability to bid adieu to sweaty, diaper-like, sanitary napkins, and rejoin the active world with confidence even during that cursed week, is worth more than Google, Amazon, and Apple stock put together. For me, anyway. Before you [Read more...]

I love You But I Can’t Stand Your Kid

Can't Stand Kid.jpg

As parents we are all prepared for the inevitable first time our child befriends another child whose parents we absolutely can’t stand, but what do you do when the parents aren’t the problem? No matter how old or how close a friend is, there are only so many “Your kid bit my kid in the [Read more...]

How the British Celebrate the Fourth of July


The Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. Who doesn’t love staying up late on warm summer evenings and watching beautiful displays of light in the night sky? I never really stopped to think about the more traditional, patriotic, meaning of the holiday until I was an adult and married to [Read more...]

You Can Lead a Kid to Fun…

You Can't Make Him Play

You can lead a kid to fun, but you can’t make him play. Last week I took my three-year-old to the grocery store and let him do the shopping. I told him that whatever he put in the cart we’d buy and that when we got home he could cook it however he wanted: he [Read more...]

10 Reasons I’m a Terrible Wife

Terrible Wife

I spend a lot of time worrying that I’m a bad mother.Do I feed my kids healthy meals?Do I give them enough one-on-one attention.What will they be telling their therapists about me in twenty years?The internet is a wonderful tool for feeding these insecurities.  When my youngest son was six weeks old, he got a minor [Read more...]

A Three-Year-Old’s Shopping List

Three Year Old Shopping

  This morning I reached into our usually well-stocked diaper cupboard and cringed when I realized it was empty. There wasn’t even an old, slightly-too-small diaper hiding in the back that I could use in pinch. It was completely bare.   Apparently I’m the Old Mother Hubbard of baby supplies. I stood there for a moment, [Read more...]

Excess Baggage

Excess Baggage

Photo Source: Event Prop Hire What do you do when your emotional baggage starts to affect your relationship with your own children? Well, if you’re like me you dump it out all over the internet and hope some homeless guy runs away with half of it. Ok, that metaphor might have gone astray. When I [Read more...]

The Real Reason I Watch The World Cup

World Cup

It’s World Cup time again, and for those of you who don’t know (I’m looking at you, Americans), this is like the Olympics to the other 95% of the world. Soccer, or football, as it is rightly known, is sacred in many countries. Children play the sport in the streets as soon as they can [Read more...]