I’m a Grumpy Old Woman

Grumpy Old Woman

  It’s official: I’m old I’m not the type of woman who usually fixates on her increasing age. In fact, in some dark recess of my brain I still believe that I am fresh-faced and twenty-two: slim, athletic, and considered reasonably attractive by members of the opposite sex. It’s a very deep, dark recess. Before [Read more…]

A Nesting Pregnant Woman’s To Do List

Pregnant To Do List

I’ve officially reached the first nesting phase of my pregnancy. I’m no longer so nauseous and tired that I’m satisfied lying prostrate on the sofa while my house falls apart around me. Now I feel the need to prop up my once organized house with my exhausted, ever-expanding body. Honestly, I’ve been waiting for this [Read more…]

Infant Safety Training

Guest Photo 1

Today I have a hilarious guest post from the the fabulous Liz from A Mothership Down.  If you thought a subject like infant safety training couldn’t be funny, prepare to be pleasantly surprised…and maybe a little disturbed Don’t forget to head over and check out her blog after finishing this post! My husband Brian and [Read more…]

The Moment of Truth: Boy or Girl?

Moment of Truth

I had a plan for how this day was going to unfold: the ultrasound technicians were going to ask whether I was hoping for a boy or a girl, I was going to give them my best poker face and say “as long as it’s healthy”, but would cry graceful and not at all splotchy [Read more…]

Eight Reasons Why It’s Better To Have All Boys

Better to Have Boys

Do you guys know today’s guest poster Tracey Schaefer?  If not, you should.  She’s a self-proclaimed mommy Jekyll and Hyde, taking care of her two boys by day and bitching about it at night!  I’m guessing most of us can relate to that feeling, especially those of us surrounded by hoards of boys.  She is hilarious and [Read more…]

Clash of the Couples

Clash of the Couples

Hey, guess what everyone!  I have an essay in an upcoming anthology about the troubles and strifes of marriage.  I can’t tell you how excited I am to be part of this project (although my husband might not agree!) and to be among the first to reveal to you the fabulous and slightly scandalous cover.   If you’ve [Read more…]

Not Your Average Babysitter Interview


This week’s guest post comes from my fellow outmanned mommy and psychology blogger Angelica Shiels from Family Psychology Blog.  So far I’ve only been brave enough to inflict my boys on family members but with this handy guide to babysitter interviews we might be seeing a few more date nights in our near future – or at least [Read more…]

Mommy is a Control Freak

Control Freak

I realized for the first time the other day that I might have a little problem with control. I always knew I was rather particular- I haven’t let my husband make a bed in eight years because he can’t get the bottom sheet flat enough. Some might even say I’m a little bossy: a nag [Read more…]

Hairy Baby Bumps

Hairy Baby Bumps

Seeing as how I’m nursing my very own baby bump at the moment (no hair so far!), I’m very lucky to have Anne Bardsley, blogger at Anz World and the author of the upcoming book How I Earned My Wrinkles: Musings on Marriage, Motherhood, and Menopause, as my guest poster today.  She has prepared for you [Read more…]